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About TTC

About TTC
The Yoshida Memorial Tennis Training Center, also known as TTC, was founded in 1990 with three main goals.
The first goal was to develop world-class tennis players, the second to provide public and persistent human resource development and skills enhancement, and the third was for TTC to grow as a place of international exchange with people related to tennis in the world.
TTC has 4 indoor tennis courts, 10 outdoor courts, and a fitness center inside a facility surrounded by a forest that is over 400-years-old.

There are 4 core concepts in TTC.

The first concept is the development of players who will lead to an internationally competitive level.
This includes a ten thousand hour training program that takes approximately 10 years from age 8 until 18. Within an environment where tennis, fitness, and care are closely linked, this program develops players’ performance and their individuality based on TTC’s motto – “Reach Your Max!”
There is also an elite program for the players who are already competitive at the international level.
The second concept is the training of qualified instructors who possess great enthusiasm, which is essential to produce great players and to promote the growth of tennis.
In cooperation with the Japan Tennis Association (JTA), TTC has held the “Sports Science Seminar for Tennis Instructors” since 1988 in 5 areas of Japan by inviting world famous instructors as main speakers.
In addition, during other gatherings called “Sports Seminars”, practical training and discussions are carried out between the lecturer and the participants.
During these seminars they share the theories and the teaching methods that are useful in the field of coaching.
The third of the four concepts is that tennis is a sport that everyone can enjoy and it can be spread globally. In TTC, there is a wide variety of classes, all the way from little kids to high-level amateur and professional players.
The OHAYO kids tennis program, held every Sunday morning, is a starting program where little kids experience playing tennis for the first time.
TTC uses the PLAY + STAY Program, which utilizes balls, courts, and rackets that fit more to a player’s body, enables even kids at an early age to rally easily and progress quickly while enjoying tennis.
There is also a wheelchair tennis program, making TTC a place where everyone can have fun and learn.
RAKU RAKU Tennis is a program that adults can begin to play tennis easily and comfortably starting at any age and at any level.
The fourth and final concept is TTC’s sports medicine and sports science program. In order to provide high-quality training in all programs, ranging from coordination class for young kids, to competitive player development and care, TTC performs many types of research.
One such research is the fitness tests which have been carried out for many years. All research programs contribute to a rational and effective development of exercises that fit each age group.
TTC also donates to the Japan Committee for UNICEF, the Arthur Ashe Foundation for the Defeat of AIDS, the World Wide Fund, and the Breast Cancer eradication movement. These donations consist of the profits from the various tournaments and events in TTC.
Through a wide variety of events, such as the “Kashiwa Sports Festival”, TTC has conducted many community activities in cooperation with the Kashiwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, various sports organizations, and partner shops in Kashiwa city.
Tennis is a “Lifetime Sport”. TTC will continue to contribute to the maintenance and promotion of your health and physical fitness so that you can be healthy and active no matter what age you are. We will also contribute to the development of the sports culture and the local community.
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