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At TTC we design the Training Programs to develop highly qualified instructors to realize our missions, to produce world-class players and to promote the growth of Tennis.

Sports Science Seminar

In order to produce world-class athletes, it is imperative to first develop high quality instructors. We believe that ideal instructor has both extended experience as well as knowledge of the Sports Science.
Under this belief, TTC ran Sports Science Seminars for the instructors throughout Japan since 1988, inviting many instructors and sports scientists from top tennis nations. The seminars proved a great success with the number of attendees surpassing 300 every year.
Below, the brief summary of the past Sports Science Seminars hosted by TTC.


ThemeThe Road Map: Transition from Juniors to High Perfromance
ContentContents: 1. Discovering and Strengthening your Coaching Identity & Philosophy 2. What Is Needed When- Emotional and Physical Stages of Development 3. How to Measure the Mental, Physical and Emotional States of a Player using new technological tools 4. Effective Scheduling: Philosophies & Examples & Case Studies 5. Creating a Player Road Map: Structural Planning and Training Blocks 6. Dealing with Disappointment 7. The TIGA Method and Why It Will Make You Better 8. 3-Step Strategy for Becoming a Great Competitor 9. Plan, Prepare & Persistence: My Journey to Wimbledon


ContentDay 1 1) Introduction 2) Observations of my coaching journey 3) Tactics 4) Match Analysis – Developmental Cycle 5) Match analysis – looking for what 6) Key components of playing a Slice Backhand 7) On court session – 2 hours DAY 2 1) Learning Environment 2) Role /responsibility of the coach 3) On court training sessions – looking for what 4) Game styles and Game situations - Vision of ATP / WTA players 5) Match Analysis – AO Men’s Final 2017 6) On court session – 2 hours


ThemeA holistic approach to long term player development
Content1.Evolution of the game and key points for future player development 2.Standard of play in U9, U10 and U12 age categories 3.Use of video based game analysis as a tool to provide game feedback and create game plans 4.On court: drills to provoke correct footwork in frequently used patterns of play


ThemeTennis Athlete
Content1. Tennis Athlete 2.Athletes’ Structure 3.Nutrition 4.Recovery 5.Specificity of Tennis 6.Methodology 7.Planning 8. Key Points in Athletes’ Development


ThemeSecrets of Production of Top Pro Players in Spain
Content1.Player Development Plan in SPAIN 2.New Trends in Player Development for the First Stage 3.Training Systems Based on Variable Practice 4.The Important Role of the Control and Assessment On Court/Off Court 5.Periodization of Competitive Tennis Players 6.Co-ordination Skills


ThemeThe Method for Success of French Tennis
Content1.French Tennis Federation, System, Education, Player Development, Match 2.Performance Tennis-French Methodology of Junior Development 3.Tennis Mental Preparation


ThemeDevelopment of Players who Adapt the Latest Tennis
Content1.Game Based Planning for Game Based Coaching 2.Developing Player’s Decision Making 3.Decision Making Drills 4.Adding Variety to Players’ Game 5.Fundamentals of Modern Serve 6.Stroke Analysis SERVE 7.Net Game for Young Players 8.Modern Forehand


ThemeAnticipatory and Decision Making Skills Development in Tennis
Content1. Anticipatory Skill Development in Tennis 2.Decision Making Skill in Tennis 3.Technical Tactical Fundamentals 4.Understanding of Momentum


ThemeModern tennis training for the latter junior stage
Content1.Understanding of Tennis in Early Childhood 2.Solutions of Burnout and Dropout 3.Practice on Court 4.Women’s Tennis


ThemeThe Systematic Development of Top Junior Players
Content1. Introduction to Eastern Europe 2. Training 10-16 years old 3. Introduction to On-Court Drill 4. Discovering Talent 5. Technical & Tactical Development of Younger Juniors(U10) 6. Creation of Individual Game Style 7. Method for Analyzing Players


ThemePlayer Development through Progressive Tennis
Content1. Talent ID (Talent Discovery) 2. Training for Young Juniors (U10) through Progressive Tennis 3. Biomechanical Analysis of the Modern Serve 4. Recognizing and Correcting Starting the Point Errors 5. How Starting the Point Creates Top Serves


ThemeDeveloping Future Champions - Argentina Style
Content1. High Performance Tennis National Development Program 2. Understanding of Tennis for Coaches - Space, Time, and Number 3. Developing Kinetic Channel for Tennis Training 4. Biodynamic System - Monitoring System 5. Biodynamic Serve


ThemeDeveloping Game Style and Match Tactics in Tennis from Junior Players to Professional Players - Singles & Doubles
Content1. Points that Coaches Need to Pay Closer Attention 2. Footwork 3. Positioning 4. Doubles 5. Rally 6. Tactic 7. Game Based Approach 8. Power of Decision


ThemePrepare for Success - Gain the Physical and Mental Advantage for Peak Performance in Tennis
Content1. Fitness Principle 2. Fitness Test & Training 3. Mental Preparation to Win 4. Mental Care for the Injured Athletes 5. Nutrition 6. Preparation for Coaches


ThemeTennis Training as the Main Method for Mental Preparation of Competitive Tennis Player - the Dutch way
Content1. How to Design the Life of a Tennis Player 2. Mental Program 3. Technical Breaking Point 4. How to Determine Game Type for the Players 5. Anticipation 6. Mental Training On-Court 7. Tactical Training On-Court 8. Methods for Service Correction


ThemeThe Modern Tennis Training for the Future
Content1. Training Perspective for Developing Future Tennis 2. Difference and Similarity between Technique Mastery Training and Practical Training 3. On-Court Instruction for Players


ThemeSoaring Tennis Nation Belgium
Content1. Changing the Attitude of the Athletes toward Tennis 2. Learning Curve - Methodological & Didactic Teaching 3. On-Court Instruction for Players (Part 1) 4. Mental Skill 5. Take Advantage of Heart Rate in Tennis 6. On-Court Instruction for Players (Part 2)


ThemeThe Power of Australian Tennis - Focus Junior Development
Content1. Australia’s Tennis System 2. Pointers for Training Players 3. Player’s Duty 4. Role of Coaches 5. Things Players should Bear in Mind 6. Perfect Players 7. About Strategies 8. Zoning of the Tennis Court 9. Drill Theory 10. Practical Drill Scenario


ThemeExplore Tennis in Africa
Content1. Goal Setting 2. Creating Magnificent Team 3. Science of Tennis 4. Coaches are Part of Evaluation 5. Tennis Basic 6. Checking the Swing 7. How to Teach Service 8. Effective Warm Up 9. Essential Mental Elements for the Players 10. How to Increase Concentration 11. Priority of the Play 12. Singles Tennis Strategy 13. Add Spices to Drill 14. Role of Each Players in Doubles 15. Doubles Tennis Strategy 16. Service Side Formation 17. Physical Training & Nutrition 18. Level Specific Goal Setting and Effective Period


ThemeSpain Tennis, Success and the Reason for Success
Content1. Current State of Tennis in Spain 2. Coach Licensing System 3. Training of Junior Players 4.Technique & Tactics of Spanish Tennis 5. Spanish Tennis of the Future 6. How to become an Even Better Coach 7. Training Advanced Level Players 8. Goal Setting 9. What Coaches should Pass On to Students 10. Introduction to Effective Drill


ThemeCreating System to gain popularity among Young Juniors
Content1. Approaching Students 2. Tennis Teacher’s Role 3. 6 Balls Drill 4. Basic Movements for Tennis 5. Drill for Doubles 6. Necessity to Teach Smart 7. Training the Coaching Staff 8. Introduction to Effective Drills 9. Correcting Weaknesses 10. Building Reliable Team


ThemeTheory and Practice of Junior Coaching at NBTA
Content1. Bollettieri Philosophy 2. Periodization 3. Strategies & Tactics 4. The Difference between the Teacher and the Coach 5. System 5 6. Drill to Conduct during Technical Training Period 7. Power Drill 8. Pre-Competition Drill


ThemeAll about Swedish Tennis
Content1. Training Juniors 2. Training Method for Strokes 3. Mini-Tennis 4. Mental Control for the Juniors 5. Correction for Shots


ThemeCoaching and Training of Junior players
Content1. Basic Coaching 2. Introduction to Drill


ThemeWhat we can learn from the World-Class Players
Content1. Analyzing World’s Top Players 2. Biomechanical Analysis 3. Effective Training Programs 4. Trainings making the most of Strategies & Tactics 5. Speed Training


ThemeActions Method by Louis Cayer
Content1. What is Actions Method? 2. What is Open Skill? 3. Training Tips from Top Tennis Nations 4. Net Play Movements 5. Effective Open Skill Training for the Beginners 6. Definition of Technique 7. Technique Evaluation 8. Course Targeting and Follow Through 9. Importance to Promote Understanding 10. Variations of Returns 11. Importance of Forecasting 12. Interacting with Juniors & Improving Coaching Ability 13. Practicing Footwork 14. Footwork Variations 15. Group Practice 16. Model Practice for Developing Agility 17. Importance of Sports Science 18. Goal Setting

ThemeDoubles Enhancement Technique Aimed for World-Class
Content1. Servicing Team 2. Receiving Team


ThemeNew Prospects for Mental Toughness
Content1. New Prospects for Mental Toughness 2. Are you Mentally Tough? 3. Mental Match Play for Tennis

ThemeHow to Enhance Coaching Abilities Practical Periodization Training
Content1. Biomechanical Analysis 2. Footwork & Movement Training Technique for Increasing Power and Speed 3. High-Tech Tennis: Stroke Production 4. Practical Periodization Training


ThemeFlexibility Training Program - Introduction to P.N.F Technique
Content1. About Flexibility Training Program - Introduction to P.N.F Technique 2. Training for Basic Exercise Skills- Speed, Agility, and Balance 3. Introduction to Off-Season 8 Weeks Training Program

ThemeWhat is Total Tennis Training? Momentum during Match and Controlling Match Flow
Content1. What is Total Tennis Training? 2. Controlling the Momentum in Match 3. Crimson Method Tennis Drill


ThemeMental Toughness for Doubles
Content1. Mental Toughness for Doubles 2. Mental Toughness for Parents & Junior Players 3. Mental Toughness for Coaches

ThemeThe Development of Tennis and Sports Science Training Plan & Nutrition
Content1. Biomechanics 2. Periodization 3. Nutrition


ThemeScientific Training for Tennis
Content1. Scientific Training for Tennis 2. Biomechanism 3. Improving Muscle Strength 4. 3D Motion Analysis System

ThemeSports Injury and Prevention of the Growth Phase
Content1. Sports Injury and Prevention 2. Physical Description of the Growth Phase 3. Sports Instruction for Young Adolescents 4. Sports Training 5. Training Theory 6. Training Principle 7. Stretching

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