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Fitness Program at TTC

Fitness for All.

Our fitness program for competitive tennis players is based on the philosophy of making an “athlete”. For all tennis players, we aim to disseminate the importance and joy of exercise for each person’s healthy life.


One of the goals of our fitness program for competitive players, which includes competitive wheelchair players, is to enhance their performance for his/her highest possible achievement.
Our program is built based on the consideration of individual physical characteristic, age, biological development, movement, and performance.
We have a fitness test which measures speed, coordination, strength, flexibility, and endurance. We use the results of this test to help design a fitness program for our athletes. For wheelchair players, fitness training is further specialized based on the degree of disability.
For all people who come to TTC, we aim for each person to enjoy physical activity and a healthier life. Movement quality, muscle strength, and flexibility are evaluated and used in training by certified and experienced physical trainers.
Each type of exercise is decided based on an individual’s desires and goals. Both one-on-one private training and group training sessions are available.

Care Program at TTC

TTC athletic trainers support not only competitive athletes but also all people to maintain good physical condition by providing evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and most importantly, self-care methods. These are the foundation for better performance and a better life.
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